Check out what the Texas Trio did at the NLL Combine

Texas Trio

It wasn't hard to tell which player was the most excited to be at the first day of the National Lacrosse League Combine Friday night. From the upstairs viewing area at the Toronto Rock Athletic Centre, all you had to do was listen.

And you didn't have to listen long to hear Travis Tunstall. The goalie from Dallas, Texas keeps up an almost constant stream of chatter, even during the drills being run during the practices following the athletic testing that constituted the first segment of the combine.

Maybe it was just the relief of being finished with the physical testing for Tunstall. Like many goalies, he is not designed for vertical jumps or 300-yard shuttle runs.

“Absolutely not,” Tunstall agrees. “The only fun part is I coach goalies down in the States and use a short stick all the time so coming out here with these indoor sticks and being able to throw it around is nice, somewhat refreshing.”

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