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Box is Booming in Texas!

Diehard Dallas duo rebrand with USBOXLA to launch the Texas Box Lacrosse League

Dallas, May 3, 2019 -- Texas is known for many sports, and now Box Lacrosse is one of them. This Fall, after five years of growth, Nick Coyne and Travis Tunstall of the DBLL will take on a new brand that embodies their long-term vision. They're doubling down on the niche sport with our nation's first school-based box championship, state's first collegiate box teams,  and select youth travel teams.

While other lacrosse entrepreneurs in Texas battle one another for relevance using copy-cat field lacrosse programs, the TBLL is designed to help all Texan lacrosse players surpass the top talent of other states through playing the indoor variation. "Our new offerings and position within USBOXLA are just the tip of the Iceberg," teases Travis, "We're on a mission to foster players for the National Lacrosse League!" USBOXLA, founded by former NLL player, Shaydon Santos, and current University of Denver Associate Head Coach, Matt Brown, support TBLL in their mission, and welcome the Team Texas at USBOXLA Nationals in Summer of 2020.

Their new Fall youth championships aim to empower local non-profit lacrosse organizations and their communities as they currently compete with encroaching club programs. "Spring organizations are losing merit to Summer clubs who can offer more for the players' college recruiting needs," Nick reveals, "We will go the distance to ensure the heart of our Medicine Game remains intact." To complete the spectrum, the Texas Collegiate Box Lacrosse League aims to compete in USBOXLA's National Collegiate Box Series, while their petition is slowly convincing Nick Sakiewicz, the NLL Commissioner, to establish the first NLL  franchise in Texas.

Nick and Travis give all the credit to the players and partners that have supported their community-driven mission throughout DBLL's development. They guarantee only improvements from this trusted brand to increase opportunities for Texans.  

  • This school-based championship will strengthen communities

  • Team Texas will honor top TBLL performers with the best national exposure

  • TCBLL will prepare promising Texans for the NLL combine.

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