Intermediate - 10 Weeks - Individual - NYTEX ARENA

Dallas Box Lacrosse League is proud to bring you our 5th annual summer season and youth program! Our coaching staff is comprised of knowledgeable and passionate people whose mission is to grow the box game here in the great state of Texas, and to develop the skills of the game that will directly translate to improved success in the field game as well. All of our coaches have played at either the collegiate or national level, and have a dedication to teaching the box game the correct way. Our main goal is to provide an authentic box experience for those players who have played before, for those who have yet to experience it, and to have fun while getting better all summer long!

Sign-Up, mark your calendars, and get ready for a summer of fun!

High School Intermediate- (2020-2023)

Age group is determined by what grade the player will be in for the 2019-2020 school year.

  • Cost: $340

  • Location: Nytex Sports Centre

  • Regular Season: June 1st - Aug 11th - 30 minutes of box immersion (Training) and a 15 minute (4) quarter game

  • Championship Weekend: August 11th.

  • Players will receive a Box Sweater and Shorts.

  • Goalies will wear full box equipment provided by the league.

  • Full 5v5 box lacrosse.

  • Jersey cutoff for guaranteed delivery is 5/1.

  • Contact us for Team Rates.

Schedule Dates

  • 6/2 Week 1 Sun

  • 6/9 Week 2 Sun

  • 6/16 Week 3 Sun

  • 6/23 Week 4 Sun

  • 6/30 Bye Week 4th of July

  • 7/7 Week 5 Sun

  • 7/14 Week 6 Sun

  • 7/21 Week 7 Sun

  • 7/28 Week 8 Sun

  • 8/4 Week 9 Sun

  • 8/11 Week 10 Sun

What is box lacrosse?

Box Lacrosse is played on a standard sized arena floor and features 6 players (goaltender and five runners) of an 18-20 player team on the floor at one time.

The strategy of Lacrosse is similar to that of basketball, with all five runners involved in the offense and the defense. Added to the appeal are the speed and excitement created by a 30 second shot clock. The combination of action and reaction makes Box as much fun to play as it is to watch.

Box Lacrosse is played almost exclusively in Canada, with annual National Championships occurring at seven levels. The award of the premiere junior (17-21) championship is the Minto Cup, while the best senior players in Canada (over 21) play for the Mann Cup.

There are currently over 47,000 Box players in Canada. Both males and females play this version of Lacrosse and the ages of competition range from 6-65 years.

While the United States is behind, there is certainly a demand and increase for Box Lacrosse south of the border. Predominantly occupied by Americans, you are starting to see more Canadian and Native American influence at Field Lacrosse in the NCAA, strictly due to their Box Lacrosse experience and backgrounds. There’s a new game in-town, and we’re bringing it to you!